Pain Between Shoulder Blades-How Can I Treat It?


It is no doubt that your whole life can be difficult and might be challenging when you feel pain between shoulder blades of yours.

It may not be easy to pull on groceries from your vehicle or your child out of the car seat.  Also, you may experience problems while sleeping or working.  No matter how you are experiencing pain between your shoulder blades, here we are with a guide on how to get relief from it.

In this article, we break pain in shoulder down, describing what it is, what causes it, and how it is possible to treat it.

Generally, shoulder blades pain can create that nagging sort of pain that’s difficult to reach.  It is linked to muscle issues. However, a pinched nerve in the neck or a herniated disc can cause pain in this region, along with neck joint irritation.

What is Shoulder Blade Pain?

The large flat bones in your upper back are your shoulder blades. Those are called scapulae, and interscapular pain is the known name for the strain between the upper back.

The scapulae allow you to move your arms and shoulders.

Based on the reason, shoulder blade pain might feel different.  For example, it might seem like burning stabbing or shooting some mix of those, anxiety, or even something entirely different.

The pain can radiate your arms in some cases, affecting your ability to move and use those limbs. On your neck and jaw, you might feel it.  And from time to time, rather than pain, you may feel numbness or tingling.

Top Three Reasons for Muscle Pain Between Shoulder Blades.

The shoulder blades are just two bumps on your back.  That is how you see it until you start feeling pain between them.  Generally, the most probable cause of this pain is an issue with the muscles between the shoulder blades, and three problems cause pain.

  1. Strain

Muscle strains are a common reason to start feeling muscle pain between your shoulder blades.  Lower trapezius, mid trapezius, and the rhomboid muscles help pull your shoulder blades back and down.  If you are doing strength training exercises using too much weight, that can be a reason to muscle become strained.  Also, lifting heavy boxes or other objects improperly can breed these muscles.  Repetitive movements of the shoulder performed by painters and other workers can lead to a muscle strain between the shoulder blades.

  1. Scar Tissue

This is another reason why you start feeling pain between your shoulder blades. The word adhesion is used to call the area that scar tissue happens. After an injury, adhesion can build up in and around the muscles. These adhesions can restrict the movement of the muscles of the shoulder blades and start to give you pain.

  1. Tension

I think you are not unfamiliar with stress. But what most people, including you, don’t know is that it can damage your body physically. For example, it can cause muscle tension. Typically this type of stress leads to pain under your shoulder blades.

In this region, muscles like rhomboids and trapezius can form painful knots over time, which are also known as trigger points. Such trigger points limit muscles ‘ movement, and this decreased flexibility causes the muscles to send out signals of pain.

What to Do to Get Rid of Pain

Various treatments can be found for pain between your shoulder blades.

Some of those treatments are inexpensive since those are home treatments that anyone can use. But some solutions are expensive and need some professional intervention.

Here we give you some solutions that you can try to avoid the pain without visiting a doctor.

  1. Change the Way How You Sleep

You know that a good sleeping experience is vital to maintain the health of your body. But if you have pain in your shoulder, you will not be able to get a good sleep. Because of the way you sleep can increase the strain on your shoulder.

To avoid the pain while you sleep, find a position that helps you to sleep without feeling the pain and stick to it.

  1. Change Your Daily Routine

You may need to change or completely alter your daily routine if you want to get rid of your shoulder blades pain.

  1. Try Heat and Cold Therapy

Those two kinds of treatment are the most common and relatively cheap methods to relieve your pain. But ask your doctor before doing anything to see what works best for you.

  1. Do Some Proper Exercises

Some stretching exercises can reduce your shoulder blade pain. No matter what activity you choose, start it slowly without doing it aggressively.

  1. Practice Physical Therapy

Consult specially trained Physical therapist to discuss your case. At your first visit, he will examine your situation and direct you with the best treatment for you to get rid of Pain Between Shoulder Blades.



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