Electrolysis Hair Removal | Benefits and Side Effect You Need to Know


What is electrolysis hair removal method and when to use it?

If you plan to remove your unwanted hair growth on your body, there are several permanent methods available.

You can use shaving to remove unwanted hair, or you can use waxing to remove hair from your body. Unfortunately, none of the methods are permanent. The only effective way to remove hair permanently is to use electrolysis hair removal method.

You may think that this process involves electrocuting yourself. But that will not be a part of the process.

What is Electrolysis Hair Removal?

Electrolysis is the process of permanently removing unwanted hair from your body by targeting the root of the hair through the use of chemical energy or heat.

Both men and women can take advantage of electrolysis hair removal method. The main advantage is once you remove your unwanted hair using this method, the results are permanent. That means that you only need to use this method only one time.

This hair removal method can be used to remove hair on any part of the body, including the upper lip, chin, bikini line, thighs, etc.

What Are the Different Kinds of Electrolysis?

There are two main types of electrolysis methods available. They are Galvanic and Thermolysis methods.

Thermolysis uses alternating current to generate heat and to kill the follicle cells that create hair growth.

You can choose higher heat intensities for a short period or a low heat intensity for a more extended period according to your needs.

In the Galvanic electrolysis method, a needle is used to apply an electric current to individual hair roots to stop hair growing back again.

This method is best for small areas. But the technique will be more painful than using the Thermolysis since it uses a needle to reach the hair root.

What Are the Things I Need to Expect in an Electrolysis Session?

Customers who undergo this procedure experience an impulse during the procedure. But it depends on the method and instruments used.

Types of equipment with the latest technology reduce pain while using electrolysis hair removal methods.

Sometimes you may want to visit your doctor to get advice before moving to the electrolysis hair removal process. But modern devices are designed to minimize the pain.

The Benefits of Using Electrolysis Hair Removal Method

The reason why most people are thinking about this hair removal process because it gives permanent results than using the traditional method to remove hair.

For some reason, this method may not work for some people. But that is a rare situation. For those people, they will need multiple sessions if they couldn’t get the result for the first time.

But once you get the results, you will never want to use waxing or shaving to remove unwanted hair from your body.

What Are the Side Effects of This Process?

The only side effect that you can see after using this method is a slight redness on the area you removed your hair.

But the experts who perform this method in this field will give you pieces of advice on how to minimize the pain.

But if the hair removal process is done improperly, there are chances that you may get infections, or partial hair growth can happen.

Therefore choose an experienced electrologist to minimize the side effects. Make sure they use the proper types of equipment, and the staff is adequately trained.

Average Sessions That Are Required

The number of courses needs to complete the process may vary from person to person. Usually, it takes 18 months with regular treatments. For the first time, weekly treatment is needed. But at the later stages, the treatments become less frequent.

The Average Cost for Electrolysis Hair Removal Method

The cost may vary based on some factors. It depends on the medical spa and the area on the skin you need to remove hair from.

But as an average, a 30-minute session can cost from $30 to $50.

How long do sessions last?

Usually, the treatments take 15 minutes to 30 minutes to complete.

Does It Hurt?

If you have sensitive skin, then you may feel pain during the procedure. However, the answer depends on the person.

However, this electrolysis hair removal method is a permanent method to remove unwanted hair from your body and will never want to worry about removing your hair using shaving and waxing again.


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