Can dogs eat Spinach? Here’s what to do!


You know what? Dogs love to eat human foods, and it is just like a treat to them when you give them the food you eat. That’s why most of the pet parents treat their dogs by giving them the food that they eat. Spinach is also one of them. But we see a lot of people asking “can dogs eat Spinach?” and we are here to answer this question in a way that you don’t have any queries after that. We will tell you if Spinach is good for your dog or not. If it is good for your dog, then why, and if it is bad for your dogs, then what are the reasons that make it bad for the dogs. In short, we will guide you thoroughly about the question “can dogs eat Spinach?” so, without any further ado, let’s get started!

Is Spinach good for dogs?

We hear a lot of pet parents asking if Spinach is good for their dog or not. You should know that Spinach is the treasure of vitamins and minerals. It is as good for your pup as it is good for you. But the thing is that excess of everything is bad. If you are giving an excessive amount of Spinach to your pup, it can be unhealthy for your pup. So, you always treat your pup with a healthy amount of Spinach so that they can enjoy it at the time and they don’t have to face any trouble after that.

How Spinach is bad for your dogs?

Before letting your pup be a Popeye on the Spinach, you must be aware of the damages it can do to your pup if not given in the right amount. The thing is that Spinach has oxalic acid in it that is not good for your pup’s kidneys, for it can cause kidney damage. Spinach itself isn’t that bad for the dogs, but the excessive amount of oxalic acid is. It can mix with the calcium and can drain the body of this crucial nutrient. So, if you want to feed your dog in Spinach, you need to keep a balance in the meals so that it can’t harm the health of your dog.

Is Spinach toxic for dogs?

You will be glad to know that Spinach is not toxic for dogs, but if it is given in a healthy amount. Eating healthy quantities of Spinach is safe for your dog, but when you overdose it, it may hurt your dog to a severe extent. The people who fed their dogs on excessive amounts of Spinach reported the issues like kidney stress, muscles weakness, abnormal heart rhythms and respiratory paralysis. If you want to keep your pet safe from such tragic diseases, you must give a healthy quantity of Spinach to your pup.

How to prepare Spinach for your dogs?

Like many other tempting meals for your dogs, you should also prepare Spinach for your dog to add some more nutrients in it so that your dog can eat it happily. The best way to prepare Spinach for your dog is to steam it and not boil it. It is because boiled Spinach loses most of its nutrients, and it will be no more healthy for your dog. On the other hand, your dog can’t digest the raw Spinach, which is another reason to steam it before giving it to your pet.

The other thing that you have to keep in mind is that you should not add any spices or slat when you are steaming the Spinach to prepare it for your dog. Don’t add oil or onion in Spinach because these ingredients are only good for humans, but they are highly toxic for your dogs. So, don’t risk your pup’s life by adding these ingredients in Spinach.

Other information for preparing Spinach for dogs:

  1. There are certain things that you have to keep in mind while preparing Spinach for your dogs. The following are those points that you have to focus and not forget. Let’s have a view!
  2. It is the best practice to buy organic Spinach for your pup because the organic Spinach is free from pesticides and other chemicals, and that’s why we recommend you to buy organic Spinach.
  3. As we know that dogs can’t digest the whole leaves, so it is best if you puree it and give it to your pup. So, don’t forget to mash the leaves before giving it your dogs.
  4. The one thing that you must keep in mind is that you should not add any additive in steamed Spinach because it can be harmful to your dogs.
  5. Another thing that you have to keep in mind is that your pup may not like the taste of Spinach so you have to serve the Spinach with the meat so that your dog can enjoy the food to the fullest.
  6. It is better to serve the small amounts of Spinach once or twice a week so that your pup may not have to bear the side effects of excessive quantities of Spinach.

That was all about the question “can dogs eat Spinach?” we tried to give you enough information about the subject that if your dog can eat Spinach or not. Hope you get all the answers to the questions that you have been holding for a long ago. Now, you can treat your dogs with the full of nutrients diet in the form of Spinach, but keep in mind that quantities should be balanced otherwise harms can be done. Please keep your pet safe by giving it a healthy amount Spinach served with the meat, and see it has good food.

Take care of your pup, and we wish you healthy pet parenting!


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