How to Remove Blackheads on Your Nose, Plus Prevention Tips


Blackheads are black dots that appear on your skin and due to impacted follicles. You can see blackheads on the nose and other areas on your face with black in color, and it doesn’t come from dirt. The black color can be a reason of dead skin cells, bacteria, and other matter that react with oxygen.

Usually, blackheads form on nose frequently than on other areas of your face. So it is vital to practice good skincare if you want to prevent them or to reduce them if you already suffer from blackheads.

In this guide, we are looking at some of the main reasons why do you see blackheads on your nose and how you can get rid of them with the right techniques and products.

Why You Mostly See Blackheads on the Nose? 

Usually, your nose is a susceptible area, and it can have a high amount of oil glands that make your nose oiler than the rest of your face.

If you use the products to moisture your face, cheeks, or your forehead, it can be excessive moisture your nose. It results from clogging the pores on your nose.

When excess oil is produced inside your pores, and it is not released, blackheads occur. When this surplus oil mixes with dead skin cells, you will see dark dots on your nose.

Apart from the moisturizing products, hormones can trigger excess oil production and blackheads.

What Not to Do to Remove Blackheads

Don’t over scrub

No doubt that you may want instant results when removing blackheads. But if you over scrub your face, it will become red and irritating.

If you scrub your face, do it 2-3 times a week, and you will able to get rid of blackheads without any unwanted side effects.

Don’t squeeze

When you have blackheads on your nose, you will get the temptation to squeeze those. But don’t do that. That will only be a temporary treatment and result.

But the worst thing is that you may get the infection if you do so. When you squeeze, your pores will be filled with oils and bacteria. As a result, you will get ugly red pimples on your face.

Instead of expecting quick results, try to use some of the following methods to remove blackheads on your nose, and you will get healthy skin finally.

How to Manage Blackheads on Your Nose

  1. Cleanse Regularly

Remove oil on your face with the right skincare products. You need to gently clean your face. Do not over rub. Use a proper cleansing gel that removes dirt and other pore-clogging particles on your face.

  1. Exfoliate Regularly

You know that dead skin cells help to produce blackheads. Therefore removing them regularly will help to maintain a blackhead free look. Use a proper cleansing product to remove dead skin cells and clean the face.

  1. Blackhead Strips Can Help to Reduce the Appearance Of Blackheads

Nose strips may be helpful to loosen the top of the blackhead. Nose strips made with charcoal, lactic, and glycolic acids can help soften the skin cell bonds on the surface and sebum of the body.

Warm water and towels are useful for helping to improve the appearance of the affected area.

  1. Use A Hydrating Gel Moisturizer

If you see regular forming blackheads on your nose, perhaps you are using a product that is too oily, or that doesn’t make suitable for your skin. If that is the reason, then start using a moisturizing cream that doesn’t add any extra oil to your skin.

Home Remedies for Blackhead Removal 

Instead of using chemical and expensive products to remove blackheads, you can use some home remedies to get rid of them.

Honey and Cinnamon Pore Strips

Both honey and cinnamon can give nutrition to your body. But the surprising fact is that both honey and cinnamon can be handy when treating your skin.

Naturally, Honey can kill bacteria and germs on your skin resulting in you to have a healthy skin.

Egg White Mask

This is another home remedy that you can use to remove blackheads on your nose. Apart from cleaning your skin, it helps you to have glowing skin.

Steam shower

Did you know that a steam shower can help you to remove blackheads on the nose?.

After following the above methods and taking good care of your skin, you can remove or reduce blackheads on the nose adequately.



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