10 Best Way improve your brain function

brain function

One of the fascinating subjects is the way our brain works. If you have greater brain power, there is a higher chance of success in any field. Your brain is like a muscle. You can grow your mental abilities as much as you want.  A good example is “tip of the tongue” phenomenon, You want to recall something, but you can’t remember it. This kind of thing occurs more and more common with the age and brain structures degeneration. But several daily activities can improve our memories and help you have robust brain function

1. physically active.

Physical training strengthens your brain; it is beneficial for your brain cells. The main reason is blood vessels in your brain dilate and increase blood flow to your brain when you do regular exercise. Because of that, it can help eliminate toxins and allows more oxygen and other nutrients to flow to your brain, strengthening your brain cells.

2. Eat food rich in rich in omega-3, DHA.

We all know that a proper, clean diet will improve all aspects of our health, but many studies and a growing body of evidence show that some foods slow down mental decline and improve brain activity. At the top of the list of brain-stimulating foods are the foods rich in omega-3, DHA and EPA, which has been associated with a lower risk of dementia and improved concentration and memory.

3. Challenging brain

The games that can challenge your brain, such as puzzles and brainteasers assist in building new connections between various components of the brain that keep it sharp. Other activities that challenge the brain are things like using your non-dominant hand to brush your teeth.

4. Eating your food on time.

A good example is a breakfast. Research has found that most people Skipping breakfast impacts their brainpower and performance. Because the brain requires proper energy to function normally, also, try to consume mainly live fruits and vegetables and their juices.

5. Increase the intake of water.

The first rule of brain nutrition is sufficient water to hydrate your brain, given that your brain is about 80% water. Even slight dehydration can increase the hormones of stress, which over time can harm your brain. Drink propr of water a day at least. It is best to use artificial sweeteners, sugar, caffeine, or alcohol to keep your liquids unpolluted. Green tea is also useful for the function of the brain, as it includes chemicals that improve mental relaxation and alertness.

6. Socialising activity.

We are social creatures, and many researchers have suggested that social activity can provide a range of brain stimuli, including social exercise, to maintain our minds sharp. When ageing takes its toll on memory and other complicated neurological procedures socialising can have a positive effect.

7. Positive thinking.

Positive thinking allows you to access your higher thinking skills. Your mind works smoothly when you are positive and feel good. Ask yourself questions as emotion-leading as, “What am I thankful for right now?” And who am I, and who loves me?

8. Make sure you’re asleep between 6 –8 hours.

During the sleep, your brain star to rest and rejuvenate. Research indicates that if you have been awake for 21 hours straight, your skills are equal to someone who is legally drunk. Sleep enables your brain to process new memories, to practice new abilities, and to fix issues. Therefore, to increase your brain power, a pleasant night’s sleep is vital.

9. Experiment with new stuff.

Take up a language, memorise poetry, try a new instrument. Try to learn new things. That will keeps your brain active and learning while improving your brain activity.

10. Use remembering tricks

Get an old picture album or yearbook. Your brain is a machine of memory, so allow it to function. Spend time with this task. Let your mind reflect on them; then you will get memory links that can improve the brain activity.

11. Let yourself be curious (Extra tip)

Our brains are always curious. As we grow up, many of’ us deny our natural curiosity. Let yourself be curious. Wonder to yourself about why things happening. Ask anybody in the knowledge. Our curiosity is best exercised by asking “Why?” Why do you make it a new habit to ask? “Minimum ten times a day. Your brain is going to be happier, and you are going to be amazed at how many possibilities and alternatives your life and work will present.


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